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Because of all the posts on hack a day i have decided to clear a few thing up. The rocking motor DID NOT die because of what i did in my other hack, making the lights and mobile spin continuously.  My Fiancé plugged in my laptop power supply thinking it was the supply for the swing. 10 seconds later, no more motor. She really believed the adapter she plugged in was the right one.  For some reason I forgot to plug in the correct one.  I wrote this fix up BEFORE i knew why the motor died.  She wanted it fixed so I fixed it quick.  Anyone with children will know that some times rocking can help with gas, and my daughter gets it frequently.  She does NOT want to be held when she is like this.  So before all the trolls come out of the woodwork and accuse me of child neglect and call protective services, my child DOES NOT spend ALL day in the swing.  I have a talent to fix broken stuff. This broke so I fixed it. It happend so close to me modding the swing because i was messing with the swing. If i never modded it the plug would have stayed in it, so in a way, IT’S MY FAULT.  I challenge anyone to have something break, find a way to fix it, get parts, and repair it in one day.  I learned from MacGyver that ANYTHING can be used to repair something, not just Duct tape.


So i just modded the cradle swing, and as luck would have it, the motor just burned up. This swing is almost 7 years old, and the first kid didn’t use it that much.  Nevertheless, the new baby is in this thing almost all day. I’m not surprised it burnt up.  Looking back on it now i can tell that the motor was real weak. you had to have it set to 4 or 5 to rock decent.   So i did some searching for a replacement motor, hoping that ebay might have one. No such luck.  I came across some sites that pointed back to fisher price, but most people said the motor was going to cost between 40 and 70 dollars from them.  Another few sites pointed to some distributors who wanted a minimum of 100 dollars per order. None of these options were acceptable to me.  Then as luck would have it, i ran across a thread where someone mentioned that the EXACT same motor were in air wick automatic air fresheners. I figured what the hell, i’ll pick one up at walmart.  They had a “Gadget Only” version that has no spray for $4.50.  I took it home and ripped it apart. See the pics above to see the motor.  I disassembled the swing and cracked open the gearbox.  HOLY S*%T, it IS exactly the same motor! At this point all i did was pull everything apart and move the capacitor and diode over to the new motor.  I soldered the wires on and tested it. This motor has MORE POWER! I could already tell that it had more torque than the old motor. I reassembled everything and tested it again.  This thing is now turbo-charged, the knob only has to be on 2 and it really rocks!  I would recommend that if your swing’s motor has died, replace it with ease.  It only took about 30 minutes to tear it down and repair it. If anyone needs parts let me know and i can yank out the motors and ship ’em out.